Frequently Asked Questions


Have a question? Feel free to read through all of the most frequently asked questions we recieve below. Is your question not on the list? Feel free to call (803) 775-9152.


At what age can I spay or neuter my pet?


It is recommended that you spay or neuter your pet after he or she reaches 3 months of age. Weight is also a factor to consider when considering a spay or neuter. We will only spay or neuter your pet if he or she weighs more than 3 pounds.


At what age should my pet have his/her first vaccinations?


It is recommended that you start your pets first vaccinations at 6 weeks of age. Cats and dogs receive a total of 4 sets of vaccinations spaces 3 weeks apart. This 'boosting' process ensures that your pet is sufficiently protected from several major illnesses.


Do you offer boarding services? What are the requirements?


We do offer boarding services for your pets. As an animal clinic we must require that your pet is up to date with a multitude of vaccinations for their safety. Dogs are required to be up to date on rabies, Distemper-Parvo, as well as Bordatella before boarding. Cats are required to be up to date on both rabies and feline booster.


My dog is in pain. Can I give him or her an asprin?


Dogs do not posses the ability to properly metabolize human asprin. Giving your dog an asprin can in most cases cause severe side effects and even in some cases, death.


My pet is scheduled for surgery tomorrow. Are there any steps I need to take to prepare him/her?


If your pet is scheduled for a surgical procedure there are some key steps you must take. We ask that you not feed your pet after midnight on the night before surgery. If you mistakingly feed your pet the morning of surgery please call and reschedule the procedure with our staff. We also ask that you drop your pet off between 8:30am and 10:30am the morning of the procedure. We cannot guarantee that your pet will still be eligable for surgery if they are dropped off after 10:30am.


My pet has fleas. How much for a flea bath? 


While we do perform flea baths on some of our patients it is important to consider this. A flea bath does nothing more than to remove fleas from your animal. Once the animal is reintroduced to his/her environment it does not stop fleas from the environment from reinfesting your pet right away. Generally we recommend that, instead of having your pet bathed in flea shampoo that you purchase a method of 30 day flea prevention such as Comfortis, Parastar, or Nexgard. In most cases these 30 day flea preventions are less expensive than giving your pet a flea bath and they provind protection for your pet for a full 30 days.